Pangea group manages a diverse, high-quality portfolio of global assets, focused on advanced
technology, infrastructure and energy. As a leading international investment management service,
we employ a network of strategic relationships, extensive professional knowledge and strong
financing sources. Our experienced team identifies, manages and implements attractive investment
opportunities, in order to achieve accretive growth and provide excellent returns for our investors.


Our core activities are focused on:
 identifying, securing and creating attractive infrastructure assets.
We specialize in selecting the best-fit projects and assets and turning them into expertly managed
investments for our clients’ portfolios. We specialize in locating the best-fit projects and assets for
our clients’ portfolio, turning them into successful, perfectly managed investments.

We offer our clients the full cycle:
Pre-transaction phase:
Asset valuation, including comprehensive preliminary due diligence, finances sourcing, transaction agreement drafting, and negotiation assistance. Our team provides and manages all required resources, assuring successful and timely transaction completion.
Post-transaction phase: Pangea empowers its clients to outsource all or some of their activities.
Our multi-disciplinary team possesses the full range of skills required to generate value for the investors, allowing our clients to benefit from greater and less volatile financial performances.
Our relationship with our clients is based on the alignment of interests. As a dynamic and vibrant organization, we value flexibility, accommodating various collaboration approaches in order to meet our clients’ objectives. Our relationship with our clients is based on the alignment of interests. As a dynamic and vibrant organization, We are flexible on accepting various collaboration approaches, which will fulfill our clients’ targets.


Our experience allows us to combine IT, Infrastructure and Energy assets, across different technologies, phases of development, and degrees of operation. We are able to adjust the portfolio’s structure to reflect market changes and shifting risk considerations.


Our resources allow us to quickly respond to changes in the market conditions and adjust the acquisition strategy appropriately.


Infrastructure assets have a relatively long operation lifetime and often demonstrate their value over time. Farsighted investing is therefore essential to long-term success in the industry.


We embrace a proactive asset management approach, through continuous life cycle assessment and assets’ operation optimization.
Our strong technical and operational capabilities ensure timely ongoing optimization of the existing assets’ portfolios.


We manage the complete due diligence
process, necessary in all acquisitions and transactions, for prudent investment decisions.